Ford Mud Truck For Sales

2016 Ford F-150 mud trucks

For a long time when the word Truck for sales appears, the ford mu trucks come to our minds. This is because-as it has been proven by many-Ford has created one of the best trucks in our lifetime. These include, among others, the 2014 Ford and F-150 which were extraordinary great.

Being an American best selling truck, the F-150 series 2016 model has not disappointed. Out of many trucks in the truck for sales list, it have had a great command. The following are some of the features of 2016 Ford f-150 mud truck that makes it outstanding.

EcoBoost Powertrains

It has been observed in the past couple of years that Ford emphasizes on the fitting of EcoBoost V6 in its vehicles. Having introduced 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 and 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 in 2015, it was expected that more would come by. The 2016 model can now deliver 325 hp and 375 lb-ft torque.

The displacement of its EcoBoost V6 has been reduced in 2016 model. It now ranges about 17 mpg at the city while averaging about 23 at the clear highway. This makes the Ford’s the EcoBoost trucks to be the people’s favorite by having the most fuel efficient engines, thus having more truck sales.

Limited Trim

The greatest that is turning 2016 Ford’s F-150 into one of the most luxurious trucks is the limited trim. There is a white metallic paint added to it, excellent door handles, a tailgate and a full 22 inch chrome wheels. In addition to that, there is a full LED headlights matched with an LED side mirror spotlight-which makes its shinning aspect come out loud. There’s user active parking assistance and a full circle camera system.

The sale of this mud truck is expected to be much more boosted by the Ford’s uncovering of high class driving experiences. This has been proven across all of its vehicle ranges.

Aluminum Body

When the F-150 2015 model was unveiled, it was clear that Ford has taken the utility vehicles to a whole new level. This marked the first mass production of trucks with full aluminum body. This also made it to be one of the lightest trucks in its sales class.

The 2016 F-150 has been criticized however, many sayings that the repairing cost was high and the aluminum used is less durable. However, the greatest selling point of the model is its efficiency. This has in effect influenced General Motors to introduce aluminum bodies in its next Silverado and Sierra.

SYNC 3 infotainment

It is important to note that Ford was among the premiers of voice command technology in the vehicles. However, it has moved a step further to create intuitive character with accent and speech recognition.

SYNC 3 infotainment has come with a very improved design and layout, brand new applications, Apple CarPlay and fast wireless updates. Apart from aligning itself with the competitors, this new truck will command a lot of sales.

Parking and Safety Systems

Before buying any trucks, the consumers are taking very high caution on the safety of the technology used. The 2016 F-150 trucks have been made to meet consumers’ high expectations by including three systems-Blind Spot, Cross traffic Alerts and Active Park Assist. These are meant to give a driver an indication of the appropriate parking slots while assisting them automatically maneuver through them.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Just as the word implies, the driver can now easily steer trailer in reverse. There is a knot that automatically indicates which direction the trailer should move. The system then automatically control the steering of the truck and an appropriate position is achieved.

Inflatable safety Belts

The technology of inflatable safety belts was introduced by Ford in 2011, and it has been advanced in the 2016 models. These not only spread the crash force but also reduce significantly forward movements. Both of these reduce chest damage and head injuries in case of an accident.

The major, reasons these trucks will have huge sales is because they are attentive to children and elderly passengers who are most vulnerable in the case in the case of accidents.

Beds and cabs

There are two full doors that are meant to give those occupying the rear seats a very huge room for stretching out. To add to that, there are three box sized dimensions: 5.5, 6.5 and 8 foot dimensions.

The 2016 Ford trucks are expected to make huge sales. However, they are expected to give more comfort and efficiency than any other model that Ford has made before.

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