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2017’s Brand New Ford F-150 Raptor Truck – Key Features and Specs

After earning Autotrader’s 2017 award for “Must test drive” vehicle, the Ford’s F-150 Raptor truck has wonders to show to customers willing to buy it.


The Raptor Truck’s second-generation EcoBoost V6 has both port and direct fuel injection, updates to the crankshaft and bearings, piston-cooling oil jets, a new lightweight cam, a variable displacement oil pump and turbo design which give it the extra 85 hp and 50 lb-ft of torque over the EcoBoost in the original F-150. The Raptor truck is also 500 pounds lighter with its new aluminum construction and weighs 5,518 pounds. The twin-turbo V6 engine that has been put in the ’17 Raptor fires up with a low roar. When the pedal is flattened, the rear squats and the front lifts before quickly playing out. With the traction control on, it cuts a little power in two-wheel-drive sport mode but in 4 Auto or High, there is no slip.

TransmissionRaptor Truck

The new 10-speed automatic transmission is only an inch longer than the six-speed transmission. The transfer case is an all-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive hybrid with a clutch-based torque-on-demand system that can automatically apply torque front or rear. It also has a true mechanical lock for 4×4 High and 4×4 Low. The Raptor has normal, sport, snow/weather,rock crawling (4 Low, rear diff locked and gear reduction) , mud and sand (4 High, rear diff locked) and Baja (4 High, locked transfer case, special transmission programming) drive modes to handle any kind of situation that can arise on the road.


The new Fox/Ford Performance suspension has 3-inch diameter shocks (which used to be 2.5 inches), nine-stage bypass damping and hydraulic bump stops that minimize bottoming out. It also has about an inch more suspension travel in front. Front 30-degree approach and rear 22-degree break over angles allow easy parking without causing any dents. 


In terms of tech, the Raptor Truck has an updated Sync 3 infotainment system, 360-degree cameras, LED screens, overhead auxiliary switches for add-ons, and a booming Sony stereo setup.


The interiors of the Raptor Truck includes a hefty steering wheel which is contoured for the thumbs and gets an accent color stripe at the top. When driving the truck in Baja mode, it’s nice to know exactly how to pull it back straight with this stripe at 12 o’ clock no matter what ditch you happen to be stuck in. You also get matching accents in the stitching and on the dashboard. The radio, climate controls, and four-wheel drive are other additional features which enhance the driving experience.


Compared to the Raptor Truck’s power and capability, the brakes aren’t strong enough, though, it wouldn’t be a problem on public roads. The pedal is loose and has a spongy feel to it. It’s the only aspect of this truck that doesn’t feel nimble. The truck is a little bouncy unloaded. There’s also a lot of plunging required before attaining any speed.

Raptor Truck for Sale

The 2017 Ford Raptor SuperCab is on sale now for under $50,000. The bigger full four-door SuperCrew costs around $2,000 more. The new model tows 6,000 pounds that not even the GT can do. Customers waiting for the 2017 Ford F-150 pickup or Raptor performance truck with a new 10-speed transmission and second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine could get it before Christmas.

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