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Awesomeness of 2017 Toyota Tundra

In a world of full-sized, 2cab, 4 cab, large bed, and small bed trucks it is hard to know which one to choose. Below you will find a review of one such truck, the Toyota Tundra 2017. The review will focus on the evolution of the Tundra and the many tests and changes that made it what it is today. Along with a detailed review of the latest model to the market.

Overview of the 2017 Toyota Tundra

Manufacturing of the Toyota Tundra began in 1999 with the first model being released in 2000. The Tundra is the first full sized pickup to be built by a Japanese car manufacturer. It is also currently the only full-size pickup to be built in the state of Texas, while the truck is manufactured by a Japanese owned company the manufacturing process is done in USA.2017 Toyota tundra

The first generation Tundra came equipped with a V6 engine similar to other Toyota trucks and had a max 4 speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmission. The second generation or present generation line of Tundra are now equipped with a much more powerful v8 engine which makes the Tundra one of the more powerful trucks in its class and giving it the rating of a top-quality truck. It also contains a 6 speed automatic and manual transmission. Nominated as the truck of the year in 2008 and since then has been featured as the most desirable full-size pickup of its class in 2000, 2008, 2013, 23016 by motor trend magazine the Tundra I ranked at the top of its category.

Features of the Toyota Tundra 2017

Engine and Exterior:

The Toyota Tundra 2017 also known as the Tundra TRD pro is now far and away the most highly acclaimed model of the Tundra series. Along with all of the features names above; v8 engine, 6-speed transmission, and availability in either a 2 door or 4 door cabin, Toyota has now kicked the Tundra experience into high gear. Now built for extreme terrain such as craggy roads, mountains, steep climbs, and off road racing the Tundra TRD pro has already won awards at the Chile off roading championships in 2014.

The TRD pro has new specially tuned Bilstein shock absorbers and new all terrain wheels that allow this truck to be given on any difficult surface. The exhaust has been made over to a TRD worthy grade that protects the engine from being clogged by rocks or dust. A new heavy duty skid plate protects the wheels and the underbelly of the truck from damage.

The v8 engine has been given an upgrade as well with a new 5.7 L exhaust. The 28-gallon fuel tank makes it easier for this truck to go longer distances than some of its counterparts, while reinforced wheels and 18-inch spokes mean that this truck can master even the highest of the terrains. The reinforced frame and carriage means that the Tundra TRD pro is now rated a low-quality truck, which means it can easily haul items that are both larger and heavier than the truck itself. This includes boats, RV’s campers, the Tundra was even put to the test to see if it could haul the space shuttle endeavor which it did to great applause. The Tundra TRD pro can be customized with 11 exterior colors to make this your perfect car.


Don’t worry Toyota has not forgotten to tweak the interior of this must have a truck as well as making improvements to the engine. The interior cabin will fit four people in ease and comfort with comfortable, hand stitched, leather seats, a driver friendly console that has everything within each reach. A moonroof and power sliding rear windows allow for light and air to circulate throughout the cabin. A dual climate system means that everyone can feel comfortable by controlling the air conditioning or heater in their own section. If the person riding shotgun is not as overheated as the driver, they can simply adjust the controls on their side.


A backup camera and dashboard display mean that you will now be able to see that what is behind you with ease, therefore preventing for rear end related accidents. The dashboard also comes equipped with GPS, Bluetooth connection for phone, music, Spotify apps and more. With the touch of a button or utilizing voice commands, there is no need for being on a cell or texting which also prevents accidents.


Along with hauling space shuttles, which may not be something you desire on a day to day basis, the Tundra also comes with ample storage for your daily needs. With rear folding seats to make room for groceries or any other form of cargo, a three-bed length cabin, and a deck rail system that allows you to connect cables or bungee cords for tying things down, all your hauling needs are covered.


No article would be complete if I did not add in the negative attributes of this car. While there have as yet been no issues with the TRD pro, past Tundra model, have experienced negative reviews and even country wide recalls. From 2002-2014 various Tundra was recalled because it was reported that there was a buildup of rust on the rear axles when the car was regularly serviced, this sometimes led t problems in the carriage area of the truck.

From 2009-2015 there have been minimal recalls of certain models when it was reported that the brake lines were wearing out too quickly. According to recent reports from the Toyota manufacturer, these issues have been addressed and corrected in this newest model of Tundra and improvements in the manufacturing process have been made to decrease chances of damage.


Nothing is ever perfect, what one person sees as a disadvantage another will see as an attribute. It comes down to your own preferences and needs to decide on which car is right for you. The aim of this article is mere to give you all the facts on this one option, the Toyota Tundra TRD pro.

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