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Following are the Custom semi-truck:-


Jeff Botelho and his group are known for making one of a kind and energizing custom trucks and the limo truck is no special case. The idea was made by both Jeff and the inevitable proprietor of the truck, Jerad Wittwer, through a progression of occasions that began off as a great deal less extraordinary form. Sooner or later they ended up with a 2002 Peterbilt that no longer required the component of utilityCustom semi-truck and the imaginative energies started to stream. They were allowed to make a stand-out enormous apparatus, and it would go ahead to contend in the Big-RigBuild Off. This opposition is held every year in Louisville, KY and in spite of the fact that it didn’t bring home the top prize, we think what they pulled off merits a considerable measure of acknowledgment. As specified some time recently, they began with a quite standard 2002 Peterbilt, however, all that immediately changed and the word standard could never be associated with this truck again. The edge was extended another 30ft (the taxicab alone is 15ft), the square entryways were all uniquely designed, the first Cat C-15 motor was souped up to a C-16 with 2000hp, and the fastidious paint work finish with Jeff’s mark blazes all met up to make a genuinely exceptional showstopper.


Custom semi-truckThis dragster is insane boisterous, stretching around 140 decibels in a level out shout kind of a Custom semi-truck. Piss’d Off Pete is really custom and took around 3,000 hours to construct! Pete has huge amounts of extraordinary components; including planes like bolted entryways, aluminum aircraft seats, and a ’38 raise see reflect from Bob Drake. To make Pete, the finish was hacked off the 1960 Peterbilt, and the taxi was re-finished with new aluminum. Every barrel is 71 cubic inches and has two superchargers on its two cycle diesel engine. The motor is coming in hot with an 872 cubic in 12V71 Detroit Diesel. Jay Leno saw this uncommon dragster and realized that he simply needed to have it!

He got the opportunity to take ol’ Pete for a turn around town in a scene of Jay Leno’s Garage, and recently totally became hopelessly enamored. Leno is an auto authority and had already bought another auto from Pete’s proprietor, called The Blastolene Special.  Off Pete is unquestionably a one of a kind “semi-truck!”.


This Custom semi-truck Shockwave is one of three fly controlled American trucks. A Peterbilt semi, it as of now holds the world record for fly fueled, full estimated trucks. This semi goes at an incredibly quick 376 miles for each hour! This awful kid has three Pratt and Whitney J34Custom semi-truck-48 planes, permitting it to travel quarter miles in 6.3 seconds. It is the world’s quickest and most intense Peterbilt semi truck. This vigorously tweaked truck was revamped by Neal Darnell and his child Chris. These stream trucks put on an unfathomable fire and smoke demonstrate – truly setting the roadways burning! It performs in Drag Races all over America, and you must see this mind-boggling semi truck face to face. 

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