Mazda rotary truck

A Blast From The Past: Mazda Rotary Truck


In the ’70s, trucks like the Chevy LUV, Ford Courier, Toyota Pickup, and Datsun 720 commanded the scene. These trucks were perfect for some contractual workers, agriculturists, and the overall population who required something modest to pull things while having great access to the bed. They didn’t tow much, nor were they loaded with the numerous comforts we now underestimate like power windows and locks.

This 1975 Mazda rotary truck is an immaculate case of that sort of truck. The Mazda rotary truck was the world’s first and final Wankel-engined Mazda rotary truck pickup truck. It was sold from 1974 to 1977 and appears to just have been accessible in the US and Canada. The Rotary-Engine Pickup (REPU) had a four-port 1.3-liter 13B four-barrel carbureted motor, flared bumpers, a battery mounted under the bed, an alternate dash, a front grille, and round taillights. It is evaluated that a little more than 15,000 units were assembled.

Most were made for the 1974 model year (PA136 case), yet the impact of the vitality emergency on deals made Mazda restamp a large portion of the 1974 models with a prefix “S”, assigning them as 1975 models; (SPA136). Around 700 units were worked for the 1976 model year. Mazda put resources into a direct overhaul for the 1977 model (PA236), refreshing its electrical frameworks, including 4 inches (100 mm) taxi extend for expanded solace, and including a five-speed manual transmission with an alternate differential outfitting. Around 3,000 units were produced, after which the REPU was ceased because of poor deals. Street and Track magazine was awed with its “smooth, calm power” and “pleasant” inside. The vehicle retailed for about US$3,500 (proportional to $16,997 in 2016); its watched mileage was 16.5 miles for each US gallon (14.3 L/100 km; 19.8 mpg‑imp).

Given forceful square-flare bumpers, a grille-inside a-grille nose (which was undoubtedly the motivation for the film Inception) and, in particular of every one of the, a twin Wankel in the engine, set up of the standard truck’s four pot, it looked – and acted – significantly more no-nonsense. That made the REPU the most renegade smaller than normal truck available in its day, and a standout amongst the most attractive to claim and clergyman today. It’s likewise the main production line Wankel pickup around.

Mazda rotary truck


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