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Chevrolet Colorado Review: Is the truck Worth My time and Money?

Chevrolet Colorado is increasingly becoming a hot pick among truck shoppers, thanks to the recent findings by Forbes Magazine which rated it the most popular truck last year.

If truck sales, performance, and most preferred truck for all circumstances were some of the factors o be used when rating the popularity of a truck, then it is apparent that Chevrolet Colorado is the most popular truck presently on the market.

But even as this truck continues to dominate the market, you may be wondering whether it has what it takes to meet your needs or not. Here is a detailed review of Chevrolet Colorado to help you figure out whether to consider this truck if you are shopping for a reliable truck.

Chevrolet Colorado Review

Being one of the most compact mid-sized trucks, Chevrolet is a versatile truck boasting a compelling powerful engine and class-leading towing abilities. It is only amazingly powerful, but it is also fuel efficient as well. It has the nicest looking cabins of all trucks, thus able to treat its occupants to a quiet, comfortable ride. Manufactured by Chevrolet, one of the renowned leaders in the automobile industry, the truck is well designed for all circumstances.

It has best combination of value and quality, even when compared to other trucks from respected names in the automobile industry.  Overly, the truck continues to exhibit some impressive attributes and features that will most probably earn it a spot in the list of most popular trucks for quite some time. Here are some of the most useful features of Chevrolet Colorado.Chevrolet colorado review

A superior acceleration and power when it comes to Chevrolet Colorado, you can’t go wrong with the performance, thanks to its 3.6-liter v6 engine offers and 8-speed automatic transmission. Again, it is more powerful than most trucks presently on the market, owing to its 369 pounds-feet of torque and 308 horsepower. While the V6 engine is not a major workhorse, it is, however, acceptable for most situations.

An impressive performance- The truck’s engine offers its adequate power to help you drive perfectly well in nearly all scenarios. Chevrolet Colorado is designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride around the city, and an adjustable performance is unrivaled. Being a 4 wheel truck, you can count on it whenever you want to hit the trails. It has also been developed with road enthusiasts in the mind, thanks to the facts that it comes equipped with a beefier suspension, automatic rear locking and a hill descent control. It has awesome trail skills, something that makes it adept at navigating even the most rugged terrain.

It has also been developed with road enthusiasts in the mind, thanks to the facts that it comes equipped with a beefier suspension, automatic rear locking and a hill descent control. It has awesome trail skills, something that makes it adept at navigating even the most rugged terrain.

An exciting interior features- Chevrolet  Colorado boasts a plethora of exciting, modern interior features, therefore making it outclass other trucks from prominent firms. It’s spectacular 4.2 inch display screen, rearview camera, and a system monitor make this truck an excellent option for truck owners wishing to monitor the drivers whom they entrust with their truck. Some of the outstanding features of this truck include cruise control, satellite radio, automatic climate control and a navigation system that features a GPS. The truck stands out from other trucks for its convenience and comfort. While the average truck feels utilitarian and coarse, this one feels more upscale. The interior is made from high-quality materials and comes with an exceptionally beautiful cabin. Its seats are more comfortable than those in many trucks. Powerful driver’s seat adjustments and cloth upholstery and standard features in this truck, though you can add other options such as heated front seats and leather upholstery.

Safety features- the truck is crafted with the safety of its occupants in mind. It has fair ratings on side crash tests, frontal crash tests, and rollover tests. The teen driver system, which is a feature designed to help you monitor your kid’s driving, makes it one of the safest trucks for kids. it also comes equipped with safety features such as rear airbag, passenger and driver airbags as well as and head airbags, all of which are specially designed to protect its occupants. Other impressive safety features in this truck child safety locks, 4- wheel drum brakes, electronic stability control and auto on headlights among other features

Pros of Chevrolet Colorado

Here are some of the truck’s best-selling points

An incredibly powerful- the V6 engine coupled with 8- speed automatic transmission makes this truck one of the powerful truck presently on the market. As such, it can comfortably take on any terrain regardless of how rugged it is.

An impressive performance- this is a hard-working truck that can tackle even the rugged of terrain and also offers a smooth, comfortable ride at the same time.We can refer this as one of the Vintage Trucks.

An outstanding towing and loading capabilities

A fuel efficient compared to other trucks- it is currently the only midsize truck to offer diesel power. Its smaller size, as well as well Duramax diesel, makes it’s the most fuel-efficient truck currently on the market


Like with any other truck or car, Chevrolet Colorado also has its fair share of shortcoming. Below are a few cons attributed to the truck.

A lower crash test ratings compared to its rival and other trucks from various leading automobile companies. Chevrolet Colorado continues to register lower crash test ratings. But the company is working round the clock to reverse this trend.

A costly as much as Chevrolet Colorado is becoming a common sight on the roads these days, it, however, remains a costly option for most people. The retail price of $20,250 to $25000, which is offered by different car different dealers from different places, is still way high for lots of people. However, it offers great value for your money considering its appealing list of standard amenities.

Bottom line

Chevrolet Colorado is still a popular truck that continues to offer great value for money. Given its outstanding performance, incredible power and reliability, then it should be one of your best choices if you are looking for a reliable truck you can use in all circumstances. Overall, this hardworking truck can be a solid choice for you if you are searching for something durable and reliable without stretching your bank account that much.

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