Dodge RAM 1500 Reviews

Dodge RAM 1500 Reviews From a Buyer

Overview of Dodge RAM 1500:

This is one of the oldest truck for sales manufactured by the Dodge for which review is made. While the RAM 1500 is based on an old design, the 2017 edition is all set to complete with its rivals- General Motors and Ford. The RAM has a diverse engine lineup with the V6 and the V8 being the available engine options. From the base entry ‘Tradesman’ to the top end variant ‘Limited’, Dodge has everything to offer from comfort, power, performance, and luxury.

Review on Dodge Ram 1500 variants with the Main features:

This sturdy pick up truck is available in two variants. The first is the two door ca’b that seats three individuals with a cargo bed of “eight foot” or the “six foot by four inch”. The second variant is a four door cab that seats six passengers and comes with a “five foot seven inch” or the “six foot four-inch” cargo bed. There are 10 trims available in this model. These include Tradesman, Limited, Express, longhorn, HFE, Laramie, rebel, SLT, Lone Star, rebel and sport

Dodge RAM 1500 Reviews

Here are the main features of Dodge RAM 1500 basic trim:

>>> 17-inch steel alloys,
>>> Music system with six speakers,
>>> A USB port and an input jack,
>>> Handles, bumpers and grill are black in color,
>>> A wiring harness fortified with 7pins,
>>> A receiver hitch(Class IV),
>>> Steering wheel with tilt only functionality,
>>> A locking tailgate and automatic headlights,
>>> The front bench seat has a 40-20-40 split,
>>> The upholstery is vinyl and cruise control.

Here are the Extra features found in High-End Models:
>>> Touch screen infotainment system,
>>> Power adjustable driver seat,
>>> 20-inch alloy wheels and a 10 speaker surround sound audio system,
>>> Automatic wiper, high beams, and a navigation system,
>>> Leather trim seats and rear defroster.
>>> Sunroof and heated rear seats.

The Performance of Dodge RAM 1500 Truck for sales

Powered by a Diesel V6 engine that produces three hundred and five horsepower and two hundred and sixty-nine newton-meter of torque, the base model of the Dodge RAM has the capability to tow a maximum of nine thousand two hundred and ten pounds. A 6 speed automatic transmission is standard on all models and the two variants include a 4-wheel drive and the standard two-wheel drive. You also have the option of choosing an 8 speed automatic transmission.Also check out 2017 Dodge Viper Hellcat Truck which is out in the market right now.

The Safety Features:

This truck is well equipped to safeguard its occupants against a possible mishap. Features such as ABS, vehicle stability control, rear-view camera, rear parking sensors, hill start assist, front and side curtain airbags and trail sway control are standard on all models.

In the government, approved crash test report, this vehicle obtained 4 stars out of a maximum of 5 stars, making it a relatively safe vehicle to drive.

The Ride Quality:

The ride quality of the Dodge RAM 1500 is good, owing to its advanced air suspension system. The air suspension has two settings, which enables you to increase its ground clearance by 2 inches( which is over and above its normal ground clearance) for off-roading purposes.

The advantages of Dodge RAM 1500 truck for sales:
@ The suspension of this vehicle is fine tuned to provide a smooth driving experience. The occupants of this pickup truck would not be thrown about even when this vehicle encounters rough terrain.
@ You have the ability to choose amidst several engine options.
@ The eight-speed automatic transmission is reliable and offers a smooth driving experience.
@ The touch screen feature is in interactive and very easy to use.
@ The rebel model has a special off road package that enables enthusiastic drivers to enjoy a complete driving experience.
@ The interiors of the cabin is comfortable and luxurious. It is also very pleasant and insulated. When you sit inside the cabin, you are cocooned in utmost comfort and you are blessed with a smooth and noiseless ride.

The Disadvantages of Dodge RAM 1500 Truck for sales:

@ The tow loading capacity exhibited by this pickup truck is not as good of its competitors. Trucks manufactured by General Motors and Ford have a higher tow load capacity.
@ The vehicle could have done with slightly better safety mechanism. Some of its rival offer far better and much more advanced safety features.
@ The up front cost of maintaining the diesel engine is significantly higher than its older models.


The heavy duty pickups truck from Dodge is fortified with coil spring rear suspension that enables it to literally glide over rough terrain. The V8- engine is also fortified with the required torquet hat enables it to reach 0-60 miles per hour in just 7 seconds.

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