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2017 Ford F-150 is a durably designed heavy duty truck that integrates up to the second technology. It is the best selling truck in USA. It is claimed to have records the highest number of truck sales last year. Its popularity is most linked to its exclusivity in body design, engine performance, and towing capabilities. The truck addresses almost all the common needs and requirement of die- hard truck lovers. It has a super capable engine, larger towing capabilities, superior braking responsiveness, heightened fuel efficiency and greater weight to power ratio which guarantee speedier acceleration.Also, this website also targets the information on ford trucks for sale which you can find in other section of this blog.

2017 Ford F-150 Truck features:

Ford F-150 2017 has got lots of amazing and entirely new features that aims at making it the best truck in the market. If you planning to invest in the truck, here are the key features you should look for.

Engine and Handling

To start with this, an amazing truck comes with perfect second generation 3.5 liter two turbo V5 engine that delivers an outstandingly high output of 450 horses of power and 510 lb-ft of torque. the engine is linked to fitting direct fuel injection, advanced bearings, and crankshaft, superior piston cooling oil jets and a superb variable displacement oil pump. All these upgrades have led to increased output and fuel efficient as the truck delivers higher output and fuel efficiency when compared to its predecessor. It’s the first truck to have used a 10-speed automatic transmission system. The truck all well drives and includes a strong clutch like torque on demand system which can efficiently apply to torque to both rear and front gears. It also includes advanced drive modes that can fit for almost every surface ranging from sand, normal, mud, rocks and snow.

Ford f 150 truck bed dimensions (Exterior and Interior) 

Externally, 2017 Ford F-150 looks and feels completely rejuvenated. The exclusive framing system which is obtained from super strong and hard rock aluminum alloys makes the suitable for both off road and on road executions. Due to the use of aluminum instead of steel, the weight of this powerful truck is lower by 700 pounds when in comparison with the last model. This makes it more capable and faster when compared to its predecessor. The truck includes a futuristic STX appearance package, 20-inched machine trimmed aluminum wheels that are coupled with flash gray-painted pockets, enhanced body color fascia, improved rear and front bumpers, black billet style grille integrated with body color mesh insert as well as plus STX box side decals. It as well includes exclusively designed privacy glass, fog lamps and taillights.

The interior hasn’t changed much. However, there are lots of new and enhanced features, hardware and software that have been added. The most popular interior features in this great truck include bucket seats that are incorporated with center flow-through console and multi-contour leather, 10 way power front and driver passengers seats, voice activated navigation system linked to travel link and SiriusXM traffic, dual zone electronic automatic temperature control, pro trailer backup assist, SirousXM satellite radio and all weather rubber floor mats. the truck as well includes luxury interior features such as 110 volt/400 volt watt power inverter, ambient lighting, 8 inch productivity screen, 360 degrees camera incorporated with Split view display, fade to off interior lighting, cruise control, fully flat load floor, black carpet flooring, intelligent access system with push-button, rain sensing wipers, universal garage door opening system, genuine wood interior trim accents and steering wheel telescoping system equipped with electronic with electronic and memory locking.Ford f 150 truck bed dimensions

Why is 2017 Ford F-150 A Good Truck To Invest In

This is by far the best truck in the market in terms of estimated truck sales per year and performance ratings. So, many people have come to love this truck basically due to the many benefits it offers. Here I will educate you on the most common benefits you will get when you invest in the 2017 Ford F-150 truck.

1. Guaranteed high power output and Efficient

2017 Ford F-150 comes with a second-generation powertrain that is only powerful but also very efficient. Producing great output of 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft torque, this is the most powerful engine in the market today. The engine links to super effective power 10-speed variable transmission system which guarantees enhanced energy efficiency.

2. Greater Hauling Capabilities

With this truck, you can haul heavy goods of up to 12000 pounds. With an outstanding high tow rating of 32000 lbs. This truck promises to make the hauling job easier and uncomplicated. It’s is the most capable truck in today’s market which guarantees efficiency and smoothness in all towing projects.

3. Enhanced safety

Ford dis their best in ensuring this Ford F-150 meets and exceeds customer safety expectations. They installed this Ford F-150 series model with lots of advanced safety systems such as adaptive cruise control, collision warning, Ford’s widely known BLIS Blind Spot Information System and much more. The digital cameras and state of the art trailering systems guarantee exclusive passenger and driver protection while the advanced inflatable seat belts keep you on position ensuring your safety in case of accidents.

4. Enhanced luxury Packages And Features

When it comes to luxury and comfort, 2017 Ford F-150 is the truck to go for. With premium luxury features such as multi-contour front seats and active motion message functionalities, vinyl flooring, Platinum design and King Ranch, when riding on this truck, you are assured of utmost comfort and peace of mind.

5. Super Fast truck

With its super effective engine which produces higher output and the super responsive transmission system linked to it, this truck is among the fastest trucks offered for sale today.

What are some of the Things User Didn’t Find interesting About 2017 Ford F-150

While it’s a fact 2017 F-150 is a truck to reckon when it comes to durability, strength, capabilities and elegance, there are various things about this truck customers feel should have enhanced for better functionality and performance. These include but not limited to;

1. No Manual Transmission

Quite unfortunately, ford didn’t offer a manual transmission for their 2017 Ford F-150. This means, if you are the kind person who prefers trucks with a manual gearbox, this isn’t the best option for you.

2. No diesel Engine

With diesel engines becoming quite in demand today, it is rather sad for Ford to have neglected or forgotten to offer their 2017 Ford F-150 with an option diesel engine.

If you want to change your old truck or just feels that a new truck will do the job you do much better, this 2017 Ford F-150 is the perfect truck to opt for. It promises to make towing bulky goods much easier, shorten your towing time as well as improve your comfort when riding on it.

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