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Renault Magnum Trucks – Overview

The Renault Magnum is a heavy- truck which was manufactured by the French Manufacturer Renault Vehicles Industries. The Renault Magnum was available in a rigid and semi configurations, both configurations could be bought with either a 6×2 or 4×2 drive train. The 6×4 is merely designed for heavy usages.

The Renault magnum has been first launched in the year 1990 and was awarded the “International Truck of the Year” in the year 1991.

The Renault Magnum featured mostly in Top Gear S12 E01, when Jeremy Clarkson bought one for less than £5,000 in the Top Gear Lorry Challenge.

Technical data:


The transmission offered as standard is a ZF servo shift air-assisted 16-speed manual. The Optidrive II 12 speed automated transmission with reverse speeds of 4 was offered as an option. This transmission could also be used in artificial operational mode.

Comfort level

The entire front part of the truck is built with over a forward positioned axle which merely ensures better road holding, creates an anti-under run area and protects the driver. The cab, with its exterior design by Marcelo Gandini, has a perfectly flat floor with interior headroom of 1.87 m, that is extended to over 2 m in 2008. It enables drivers to stand fully upright everywhere, giving them great freedom of movement.

Its total area of 8.9 m³ makes it particularly a roomy place. Storage capacity was 1,000 L from the starting, which is just double the large as that of the space of the boot offered by a large saloon car. Furthermore, the cab is full air suspension which offers comfort similar to that of an automobile, while acoustic and thermal insulation is identical to that of an upscale car. Inside, average noise levels are below 70 decibel.

Renault Magnum Trucks

Powerful Engine

Produced at the Bourg-en-Bresse plant, the AE was launched in the year 1990 in 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 versions with a choice of over two engines: – AE 380 fitted with a 6 cylinder inline Renault Turbo Inter-cooler 374 hp engine – AE 500 which is fitted with a Mack V8 Turbo Intercooler 503 hp engine, the first truck in U.S to be offered with such a high level of power .

It also features the B 18 gearbox, offering 18 speeds, which includes 16 synchronized gears and 2 extra slow gears. Its total authorized weight can be as much as 40/44 t and even 50 to 60 t in U.S. A top of the range vehicle voted truck of the year in 1990, the AE enjoyed huge success in the country.

A modernized exterior style

Keeping pace with the improvements to the interior, the Magnum Intégral’s exterior has also been modernized. It is made up of more distinctive by a new radiator grille which blends with the bumper, a horizontal strip joining the cab to the technical platform, the wings of the technical platform painted in the same color as the cab or in the color chosen by the customer, plus new markings. Its height and distinctive stature ensure that the vehicle stands out from other trucks, making customers’ presence more attractive..

An upgraded powertrain

At the end of 1996, the Magnum is fitted with a 12 L displacement engine available in power ratings of 390, 430 and 470 hp: the Renault is equipped with the V-Mac (Vehicle Management and Control) electronic management system. Having the V Mac on-board which now makes it possible to install a Renault Trucks exclusive feature that is Infomax. This is software which can extract all the data relating to the vehicle’s functioning and operation directly from the V-Mac’s memory for analysis on a computer.

The engine is the European version of the Mack E7 engine from Mack Trucks, now a Renault Trucks subsidiary. It gives the Magnum additional punch and productivity. Finally, the Magnum is fitted with a new drive axle (Renault P 13 70). This has the distinction of being single reduction and with a very small crown wheel, giving it an excellent energy yield which results in lower fuel consumption of between 0.5 and 1 L per 100 km


This heavy duty truck pickups from Renault is fortified with coil spring rear suspension that enables it to literally glide over rough terrain. The engine is also fortified with the required torquet hat enables it to reach 0-60 miles per hour in just 7 seconds of time.

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