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A Look into Renault Trucks


Renault trucks are manufactured by the World’s biggest truck manufacturing company, Volvo Group. Renault is a commercial truck and military vehicle manufacturing company based in France since 1894. Renowned for their sturdiness and reliability along with low fuel consumption that enables them to deliver greater productivity and control operating costs,Renault Trucks offer commercial vehicle users a large choice of innovative ser
vices and vehicles adapted to a wide range of transport activities such as, regional distribution, construction, long distance, local delivery, special applications, security and defense. Renault has over 1600 outlets spread across 100 countries.


The Renault Trucks C is a range of medium and high duty trucks which were introduced in 2013. The C offers three Euro 6 engines, namely, the 8 L DTI 8 which has power outputs of 250, 280 and 320 hp, the 11 L DTI 11 which has power outputs of 380, 430 and 460 hp and the 13 L DTI 13  having power outputs of 440, 480 and 520 hp. The C also offers body styles of Day cab, Day and Night cab and sleeper cab of either manual or automatic transmission. The C range offers two types of trucks-rigid and tractor. The Rigid can have either DXi 7 engine, with power rating 320 hp and ZF manual gearbox (6 or 9 speeds) / Allison automatic gearbox (6 speeds) or (along with tractor) DXi 11 engine, 330 hp to 440 hp power output with B14 manual gearbox (14) as standard / optidriver automated (12) as optional.


The Renault Trucks D is a range of medium duty trucks which were launched in 2013. The D incorporates automatic transmission as standard in all its versions along with new comfort and security features. The D offers two Euro 6 engines, the DTI 5 and the DTI 8. The DTI 5 is a 5 L inline-four engine with a power output of 210 hp and a torque of 800 N·m or 240 hp and 900 N·m . The DTI 8 is an 8 L straight-six engine with a power output of 250 hp and a torque of 950 N·m, 280 hp power output and 1,050 N·m torque or 320 hp power output and 1,200 N·m torque. Both of the engines includes EGR systems to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide compounds. All of these trucks are of rigid body type.


The Renault Trucks K is a range of heavy-duty trucks which were introduced in 2013. The K incorporates an all-wheel drive system plus security and comfort improvements. The maximum gross combined weight is 120000 kgs. The K offers two Euro 6 six-cylinder engines, the 11 L DTI 11 with a power output of 380, 430 and 460 hp and the 13 L DTI 13 with power outputs of 440, 480 and 520 hp. These also offer rigid and tractor type bodies, both having DXi 11 engines, 330 to 440 hp power rating and Manual B14 Optidriver gearbox.

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