Nissan Titan Models

Nissan Titan Models

If you are a truck enthusiast, then you understand better than anyone else just how hard ones are to come by. The fact that the market is literally overflowing with all sorts of brands and models is undeniable. However, finding one that is the perfect combination of beauty and performance can be quite the uphill task. At our truck sales business, you can rest assured that you will have access to nothing but the very best. One of these amazing choices the truck enthusiast community with its amazing features ad specifications. Below is a little more about this amazing new line of trucks and what makes them so special.

nissan titan models

What Makes These Trucks So Awesome?

Nissan Titan XD  model trucks have been around since 2004 and they just keep getting better with every new release. The 2017 model, in particular, is one of the best with sales so far showing that consumers are big fans already. Below are a few of its features and specs.

  1. Spacious interior

This is one feature that sets the Nissan Titan XD 2017 model apart from other trucks in the market. The manufacturers spared no resource in ensuring that you as the user get plenty of leg space within the truck for comfort and ease of use.

  1. Intelligent Climate Control

You know that annoying thing that happens when you leave your truck out in the sun and it ends up feeling like an oven when you get it? With the 2017 Nissan Titan trucks this is a problem you won’t have to deal with. Using the smart key control, you can manipulate the intelligent climate controller to get it at just the right temperature.

  1. Plenty of storage

If there is one thing this truck gets props for it has to be the amount of storage available. There is pretty must storage space everywhere from the in bed storage boxes to the under seat storage tray. It even has a special place for your phone and laptop within the deep console between the two front seats.

  1. Heated and cooled front seats

In addition to the intelligent climate control feature, this truck also allows you as the driver and your co-driver to travel in style and comfort. This is through the heat and cooling options for the two front seats. You can also choose to have the steering wheel cooled or heated for more comfortable handling and navigation.

  1. Large size cup holders

These are unique new design meant to allow you to the use cups or drinking flasks of whatever size you wish. So no more spilling coke from your jumbo cup because it is so big to fit ordinary cup holders.

  1. Water Resistant seat covers

This feature means that you don’t have to worry about stains and messes from spilled food or liquids. It also makes cleaning and overall maintenance significantly easier. That way, you have a great looking and properly functioning seats for a very long time.

  1. Multipurpose rear seat

The rear seat on this truck is yet another feature worth marveling at. In addition to being super comfortable as a 3-person capacity seat, it can be converted for other uses. One of these is the conversion into a work bench. By turning the seat, you get wide. Flat and steady for anything from typing on your laptop to putting down some sketches on your project portfolio. The amount of space at the back makes use of this space bot only possible but also comfortable.

  1. Engine specs

The truck uses a powerful aluminum V8 engine with a direct fuel injection mechanism. It has a picking capability of 0-60 mph in 6 seconds making it one of the most powerful engines in the market.

  1. Great exterior

In addition to all the amazing features, this truck is a head turning beauty with its amazing exterior design. It is available in a variety of colors ranging from black to olive green.

Bottom line

After all, is said and done, you can rest assured that all you will not be disappointed should you choose to do your truck shopping with us. All the trucks for sale are in great condition with features and specifications that will meet your every need and requirement. The Nissan Titan XD 2017 model, in particular, is a pretty amazing truck with great features and an eye-catching body to match. So whether you want a computer for work or a transporter for your farm, our trucks are your bet.

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