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Quick Stay Safe Rules for Mud Trucks Gone Wild Events

If you are in love with off-road motorsport racing and have been thinking of participating in a mud trucks gone wild gig, then you are just a step away from enjoying real racing in a way that you have never imagined was even possible.

How so? Mud truck racing has it all in one- talk about the muddiness on the racing track, the exceptional trucks, energy from the crowd and not to forget the sexy ladies that come in all sizes and walks of life. All these compensate for the speed that attracts many people to any racing sport. Mud racing is more about who goes the furthest, and as simple as that may sound, many competitors never really go far.

But are you equal to the task?

To participate in mud trucks gone wild gig, you’ll have to consider some important safety rules. We all agree that with too much thrill comes some level of risks that may turn a good day into a sad one.

Therefore, to stay safe, make sure you are not disqualified after paying the registration fee. Most importantly, give serious thought to the following guidelines before the competition kicks off.

-Check for loose parts

You don’t want to compromise the performance of the vehicle while on the track, therefore having a double check before the event is crucial. Besides, the event organizers won’t allow trucks that look unworthy for the race. All trucks are normally subject to inspection before allowed to enter the pit.

Don’t drink and drive

Avoid liquor or any other drugs on the day of the gig. If you are found impaired, in most cases you will for fit your entry fee and be asked to exit the pit area. If you should not drink and drive on the road, why drink and drive on a race track? In fact, it is more dangerous in the pit.

– Fire extinguishers for emergencies

Do you have a fire extinguisher on your track? These days, unlike in the past, most inspectors will require your racing track to have an extinguisher.

– Legal requirements for age

You must be 16 and above to drive. This rule only affects under age persons. If you are 16 and over, and feel you meet all the requirements, you can get started at mud trucks gone wild.

– Have a full driving gear

Drivers should wear shirts, as well as long pants when taking part in race. Also, protective foot covering is a must have. The shoes should be laced or bucked. Bucked or laced, preferably boots. This means no shirt, no pants or no shoes- No Race!

– No gutting of doors

For Roll Cage- trimming is allowed, but no gutting. “Gutting” here refers to the excessive removal of the interior beyond what is expected for the Roll Cage. Door gutting is prohibited unless your vehicle has inner side protection tubes or horizontal roll cage door bars. Window glass, regulators and the door trim panel may be detached if it interferes with installation of security door bars. Lastly to ensure complete safety inside and outside, door lock system must be functional.

– Stay safe with a fire retardant jacket

Race truck drivers must wear their race jackets. If possible have a fire resistant jacket with SFI 3.2A/1 rating to minimize the risk of burns in case of an adverse scenario.

– Window nets are mandatory

Window nets are compulsory for all racing trucks. You may use a ribbon made or mesh made the net for your window. Ensure the nets are securely mounted to the trucks roll cage provide permanent attachment particularly at the bottom.

Basic must haves

Helmets, neck braces, and seat belts are a must have for race trucks drivers. This is to ensure safety in the event of an accident. Most event organizers won’t allow you participate if you lack one of the three.

About passengers

While some sponsors may allow passengers, other won’t. Sorry to say, if you wish to have a close friend beside you while on the race truck, rules will stand in your way. For safety purpose, only participants will be allowed inside the trucks during the contest.

Though the rules may vary depending on the gig sponsors’, the above tips are essential and are a good way to start getting prepared for the mud trucks gone wild. Don’t worry about the classes; they will be determined by the size of the tire or in some cases, the size of the truck.

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