Nissan Frontier Reviews

Nissan Frontier Reviews

Nissan Frontier Model Overview

The U.S truck sales market released an overview journal about the rugged Frontier model that happens to be very affordable compared to other middle-sized currently in the market. The model, through authentic with no such redesigning for over ten years, falls behind the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado vehicles which happen to be rivaling patterns in the truck sales market.


The first generation tier model got produced in 1998 then a new redesign was done in 2004. The previous vehicles made available in the market had 2.4 litre four-cylinder. Later, the design got improved to a V-6 engine. Truck sales in 2000 included a crew cab Nissan Frontier that had an increased interior room. Consequently, the 2001 Frontier vehicles possessed a supercharged version of the V-6 engine.

The model was known as the Desert Runner SC. In 2005, Motor Trend truck sales and testing commended the Frontier for its powerful V-6 engine and other practical options including free tier down bed points. Unfortunately, the body governing truck sales and testing was disappointed by the unavailability of the regular cub and long bed within the crew cub body.

Latest Generation

In the year 2010, a major face lift in the design of Frontiers took place. Such re-modeling included changing of the headlights, truck hoods, and even the grills. In one of the first drive reviews that happened in the same year, the reviewer, Motor Trend, was very impressed by the V-6 engine. Other impressive components included the payload and the towing capacity of these vehicles.

A newer release into the truck sales market was the Frontier pro-4X. In a comment given by the Motor Trend truck sales and review team, they praised the enduring nature of the Pro-4X. They also got emancipated of the functionality of other vehicles in the market. This new model released in 2012 was fun to drive and had an internal feature of an easy to shift speed gearbox. The steering system also has an adjustable sensitivity module in accordance to the engine rpm. The machine is more nimble at low speeds and therefore makes parking and reversing rather easier.

At very high speeds, the system gets more rigid therefore there is more feel and response realized. In addition, the bumper and front grill gives the Frontier an externally durable and agile look. Its system is also equipped with proper air conditioning that helps keep passengers cool.Nissan frontier reviews

Why should One Consider a Nissan Frontier Model?

Among the trucks in the U.S market, a Frontier model would best fit an individual who doesn’t require a massive payload. The Nissan Frontier is recommended for those who don’t require the towing capabilities of the major full-sized trucks such as Titan.


The Nissan company is likely to retain the trim of Frontiers in the market. The king cub trucks, for instance, come with the S and SV trim models. On the Contrary, the double cabs to go with S, SV and SL trims. The trim levels have to get split into the coming generations according to Nissan truck sales sources.

The process will imply that both the SV and the SL trims will further get divided into a four-cylinder and a V-6 option. The prices will rise but by how much? Such is still unknown. From the market prices, the 2015 Frontier begins at $18290 for the king club within the base S trim. The other options of range-topping SV trim with pushes of double cab have starting prices of around $25680. From this trend, the next generation Frontiers will likely to have starting prices of about $19500 for those the base trims and $28200, for the SV in double cab forms.

What Reasons can make you look elsewhere?
With the rapid growth of midsize trucks in the sales market, the Nissan Frontier models have been left behind in some respects. Other vehicle models happen to offer more power and options particularly those regarding better driving dynamics.


The next Nissan Frontier model can’t come that soon. The current truck in the market has been available for quite a long time though still selling quite according to the U.S truck sales. Much of this factor is due to its relatively low price concerning other competitors trucks. Nevertheless, Nissan has to make more updates to the Frontier to become a three automaker. Once Nissan does that, you can bet we will provide you with the latest news about the remodeled Frontier.

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