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Are You Looking For A Box Truck? If Yes, You Are In Right Place.

Do You Know What Is A Box Truck?

A box truck, which is also popularly known as a cube truck, cube van, rolling toaster, box van, or straight truck, is a truck which is cuboid in shaped cargo area. Merely the usual range of box truck in size varies from 4 to 7 m in length, with smaller or larger sizes existing but being rare in some parts of North America.

The Box truck mostly have a garage door-like rear door that rolls up. On some box trucks, the cargo area is accessible from the cab itself through a small door.

Box trucks are usually used by those type of companies that need to haul appliances or furniture. They are also used as moving trucks which can be rented from companies. In some of the Northern part of America, Ford has historically been one of the most common manufacturers of conventional cab/chassis to which various producers (called body builders or up fitters) attach the box that holds cargo.

The body on a box truck is sometimes also called as the cargo van or dry van body, though the term “cargo van” is more often used to designate a regular full-size van, such as a Ford F series without rear seats and usually without side windows in some of the areas of cargo.

About the Company:

Welcome to our garage of the commercial truck we are popularly known as the Gary Yeoman. We provide full 100% satisfaction to our clients on sales, service, and parts. Please call us at @ 866-200-3038.

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  • Make:FORD
  • Model:TRANSIT
  • Class:CLASS 3 (GVW 10001 - 14000)
  • Category:Box Truck - Straight Truck, Cargo Van, Cutaway-Cube Van
  • Engine Size:3.7L
  • Mileage:257
  • Location : Daytona Beach(Florida)
  • Contact Person : Gary Yeomans Ford
  • Mobile Number : 855-556-9571

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