Volvo semi-truck: The Volvo VNL 300

Volvo is dedicated to providing integrated solutions for drivers and fleets. There’s no better example than the Volvo semi-truck VNL 300. Designed for the unique needs of short haul local runs, this truck is lightweight, with the maneuverability and visibility so necessary in crowded urban areas. Because people’s business depends on routes with lots of stopping and starting, they count on the VNL 300 to also providVolvo semi-trucke outstanding fuel efficiency and dependability.  The Volvo semi-truck VNL 300 is a flawless arrangement when your course takes you out and back around the same time. It gives all the solace and unwavering quality of Volvo’s amazing VNL group of premium tractors in a productive day can setup. Fuel-effective Volvo D11 and D13 motors include a standard basic rail fuel infusion framework that gets the most power out of each drop of fuel. Likewise accessible with a Cummins ISL G normal gas-fueled motor. The Volvo I-Shift of the Volvo semi-truck makes drivers more profitable, utilizing savvy gadgets to ceaselessly screen review, speed, weight, and motor load, changing when fundamental or holding a gear—whichever spares more fuel. So paying little heed to understanding or preparing, I-Shift helps each driver turn out to be more fuel-productive. 


INTERIOR TRIM LEVELS: There are three interior trim levels to choose from: Choice, Touring, and Limited. All are comfortable yet hold up to the most demanding applications.

PANORAMIC WINDSHIELD: The one-piece panoramic windshield, sloped hood, and proprietary split mirror design give these trucks optimum visibility.

EASY ACCESS: Doors are 36.5” wide, 51.5” high, and open 70 degrees for ease of access. Full-length left and right-hand grab handles are mounted inside the door.

CONTROLS: The cruise control, engine brake, and windshield wipers are conveniently located just to the left side of the steering column for easy driver access.


The Volvo semi – truck VNL 300 is accessible with the Volvo D11, D13, or D16 motor. You can pick pull from 375 to 550 and torque evaluations from 1,450 to 1,850 lb- ft. Strength evaluations can be changed inside a similar dislodging through a straightforward programming update. Volvo motors utilize Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCVolvo semi-truck R) to take out NOx and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to evacuate residue, all while enhancing fuel efficiency and motor execution. Our motors exceed expectations at detached recovery, sparing you considerably more fuel after some time. The Volvo I-Shift transmission is development at its fi settle. Mated to a Volvo motor, this 12-speed robotized manual transmission has a 2,323 lb-ft torque rating, the most elevated accessible, while as yet offering extraordinary fuel efficiency. Highlights like Eco-Torque in the Volvo motor permit the vehicle to get to the top rigging speedier and give the capacity to skip move all the more regularly. With Eco-Torque, the truck quickens typically through every single base apparatus. In the main two riggings, where a large portion of the fuel is devoured, the motor defaults to the lower torque band. The higher torque band is constantly accessible on request, yet just under specific conditions, which wipes out the need to downshift. I-Shift likewise has an Eco-Roll include that profits the motor to sit without moving when going down slight slopes. Eco-Roll and coordinated electronic controls add to a driver’s capacity to enhance general armada economy.

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